HRCH UH 4XGMPR TC-1 RR Manny’s Gold Glove

Manny is 60lbs of pure energy and a special dog.  He is one of only 53 of dogs in the entire United States to qualify for the 1st ever APLA Triple Crown Test and one of only Ten to have passed this test and carry the title of Triple Crown Champion!

Manny is also a member of the honorable HRC 500 points club!

APR HR RR Yogis Gold Glove

Yogi has the classic blocky build Labradors are known for.  In the kennel or at your side he is a complete gentleman. In the field he is 65lbs of pure beast.

SHR CPR RR Murphys Law

To quote Shakespeare “Though he be but little, he is fierce!”  This pretty well sums up Murphy.  He is the solid 45lbs Lab.  He is so strong and solid it hurts when his tail hits you while he’s wagging it! (he does that a lot).  Everyone says they have that dog that can find the downed bird that other dogs can’t… well Murphy does that every time out. (He gets that from his Mama)

SHR CPR RR Manny’s Rookie of the Year

As You may have guessed from the name Rookie is a son of our Manny.  He is just like his Daddy except for his size.  He is a rangy 70lbs and I would guess when filled out he may go 80lbs.  The sweetest “little” boy you’ll ever meet but he is a freight train in the field.  During his 1st water test ever the, judge characterized his water entry as him parting the Red Sea!