SHR CPR Carmel Princess of the Ponderosa

Mel has captured her first two titles this year they are the APLA’s Certified Pointing retriever and the HRC’s started hunting retriever. Her training so far has gone well as she learns fast.  Mel is the definition of a retriever. She isn’t happy unless she is bringing you something at all times. Whether it’s a bumper, bird, shoe, sock or even my wallet (yea, I know right)  Prettiest girl you’ll ever meet Miss Mel will go 55-60 lbs. once she’s fully grown.

SHR CPR Da-Kodas Charlie in the box

Meet Lincoln County Labradors latest addition Charlie! A sweet dark chocolate girl out of Da-Koda High Kennels in Wyocena Wisconsin. Her father is 4xGMPRTC HRCH Hrk’s High Flyin Maverick MH fresh off his APLA triple crown title and her mother is APR Da-Koda Twisted Creeks Super Nova. This little girl will have it all looks, trainability and drive! Best of all she’s already pointing, not surprising given who her parents are.